The 5 Worst Places for Viral Infections

During cold and flu season, use a personal air purifier to protect from viruses.

Viruses are a hot topic these last few days. Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN, ” The current flu season is on track to be one of the worst in years.” The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that, between October 1 and January 18, at least 15 million people have been sick with the flu. In China, the Wuhan Coronavirus has emerged, raising the concern levels of viral exposure to new levels where the estimated sick is well over 4,500 while 106 have died. However, while the virus has spread to the US as well, health experts say that people in the US should be much more worried about the common flu.

GreenTech Environmental has been a leading expert on air and surface purification for the indoor environment. With purifiers ranging from small spaces up to whole homes, or 3000 square feet, GreenTech brings active air purification to every space of your life, both at home and away. The differentiating benefit of GreenTech’s pureAir purifiers is the ACTIVE air purification that surpasses mere filtration by actively propelling purifying ions, plasma, and advanced oxidation into your space to destroy the viruses in your air and on the surfaces.

Let’s begin by listing 5 of the worst places for indoor air quality and then follow with a simple, affordable solution to keep you and your loved ones protected when you’re not in the purified spaces of your own home.

  1. School Classroom: According to a 2012 CNN article, studies have estimated that a third or more of U.S. schools have mold, dust and other indoor air problems serious enough to provoke respiratory issues like asthma in students and teachers. With asthma as the #1 chronic illness in children, maybe we should begin taking a look at the place they spend the majority of their day. Currently, there are no national and state standards for mold testing and remediation. In addition, the chronic underfunding of public education contributes to the neglect of school upkeep and maintenance. Consequently, mold, mycotoxins, fungus, allergens, VOCs, bacteria, and rodent excrement (yuck!) are running rampant in the air of our schools.
  2. Doctor’s Office: Influenza, RSV, stomach viruses, and other viral illnesses are prevalent in this one environment more than any other. Not only do patients have to consider the air quality in your local clinic or family doctor, but even more so, the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers that work daily in these unhealthy environments. This doesn’t only apply to your local clinic, but also to pharmacists, hospitals, and nursing homes.
  3. Office Building: Research has shown that poor office indoor air quality negatively impacts productivity and cognitive performance while resulting in more sick days and an elevated number of employees suffering from allergy and asthma symptoms. Employees have to rely on company owners (or in some cases, commercial property owners) to maintain a healthy indoor work environment. Poor ventilation, high chemical and VOC counts, and buildings overcome with mold, mildew, formaldehyde, and asbestos can contribute to many chronic illnesses. 
  4. Restaurants: Restaurants not only have many of the same threats commonly found in your typical office setting, but they also contain numerous other pollutants given off by open flames, cookware, restaurant appliances, refrigeration units, harsh chemical degreasers, and industrial-strength cleaning solvents.
  5. Public Transportation: Planes, trains, buses, and subways are all breeding grounds for germs, so most of us are pretty habitual about sanitizing and reducing physical contact with surfaces or people; however, the lack of ventilation and close proximity to others can wreak having on the indoor air quality of any enclosed / moving vehicle. Combine that with fumes from the exhaust as well as other off-gassing from the vehicle’s material and you have a rather unhealthy breathing space when traveling pretty much anywhere.

The world can seem like a scary place when you start to open your eyes to the contamination of the air outside of our own protected living space. Many Americans are running out to buy surgical masks as concerns of the Wuhan CoronaVirus rise in the midst of an already elevated flu season. Surprisingly, surgical masks are not recommended to protect yourself from infections viruses. CNN Health reports that while they do protect from large respiratory droplets (a spray from a sneeze or mucus from a cough), they don’t prevent airborne droplets. Surgical masks aren’t considered respiratory protection by the CDC because they don’t filter smaller particles, and therefore isn’t effective in totally preventing coronavirus transmission.

A mom carries her son while wearing a pureAir PERSONAL to protect her breathing space from viruses and germs.

The good news is that GreenTech Environmental offers a solution to purify your own personal breathing space and protect you from airborne viruses. It is worn like a necklace using the toggle-fastened strap and propels ions into the space around your mouth and nose. Those ions repel harmful pollutants from your breathing space. Anything from larger particles of dust, hair, skin cells, or dander all the way down to the smallest molecule of bacteria or viruses are pushed out of your personal breathing bubble.

pureAir PERSONAL has been used for years by allergy sufferers, medical workers, teachers, and chronically ill children to protect them from the environmental factors that bring illness and discomfort. Even something as simple as secondhand smoke can be remedied by the use of pureAir PERSONAL.

Boasting the highest ion output and the smallest unit size, pureAir PERSONAL has been granted four US patents. pureAir PERSONAL has undergone validation testing at leading universities and research facilities. Dozens of peer-reviewed, published papers have confirmed pureAir PERSONAL as the leader in personal air purification technology.

pureAir PERSONAL brings active air purification with you no matter where you go, but don’t take our word for it. Check out a few of our customer reviews for proof:

“I have chemical sensitivities and many allergies. This little device makes it possible for me to go out into public and still be able to breathe. It is worth its weight in gold. Highly recommend.”

“My chemical sensitivities to any kind of fragrance, cleaning supplies, and smoke were ruining my life. I had become a virtual hermit, and my job as a college instructor was in serious jeopardy. When I was forced to forgo my mother-in-law’s funeral, that was the last straw; I was willing to try anything. After using pureAir PERSONAL, I can now say that I won’t go anywhere without it.”


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Medical professional uses Minimate Clear to protect herself from airborne viruses and germs

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