Celebrate Earth Day Everyday with Make Mama Proud Live with an air
of confidence.
With the NEW pureAir SOLO personal air purifier, you get an active zone of protection from airborne allergens, viruses, bacteria, and more, everywhere you go. New pureAir SOLO
pureAir SOLO
pureAir SOLO
Creates a 4-foot
clean air zone
wearable design
Quiet, fanless
Lasts 24+ hours on
a single charge
1 year manufacturer's

All-day protection anywhere, anytime.

Reduce the risk of catching an illness while traveling or in crowds. Repel allergens to enjoy the outdoors and pets. Alleviate the negative effects of others’ smoking, colognes, or perfumes.

Slide pureAir SOLO repelling harmful particles pureAir SOLO repelling harmful particles pureAir SOLO repelling harmful particles pureAir SOLO repelling harmful particles pureAir SOLO repelling harmful particles pureAir SOLO repelling harmful particles

Relief from allergies, without side effects.

Using the most powerful ion force on the market, pureAir SOLO creates a four ft. barrier, actively repelling harmful particles from your breathing space. It’s a wearable, personal clean-air zone!

Going out? Take along an air of confidence.

Shield your personal breathing space from airborne allergens, viruses, bacteria, and more with the NEW pureAir SOLO.

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pureAir SOLO

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NEW pureAir SOLO


pureAir SOLO is a sleek, wearable air purifier that creates a safe personal breathing zone by repelling particles from your breathing space. Using ion-based active air technology, pureAir SOLO creates a 4 ft. clean-air zone, or bubble, reducing your exposure to pathogens like mold spores, bacteria, and viruses, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which include harmful chemicals. 

Wear pureAir SOLO when you are exposed to indoor or outdoor air pollution. Effectively repel allergens to enjoy the outdoors and pets. Visit friends and family or attend public gatherings without the negative effects of others’ perfumes, colognes, or lotions. Reduce your risk while traveling or in crowds.

pureAir SOLO delivers all-day protection with a rechargeable battery providing over 24 hours of use per charge. It includes a micro USB charging cable and a breakaway neck cord for comfort and convenience.

This product can not be shipped to California. 

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Sleek, fashion-forward design

At only 2.95″ H x 1.94″ W x 0.67″ D and 2.22 oz., pureAir SOLO is comfortably designed for wearable purification on the go. 

Easy to use

Simply place around your neck using the included breakaway lanyard-style cord and turn it on to experience your personal pure air zone. 


pureAir SOLO provides up to 28 hours of powerful purification bliss before needing three to five hours to recharge its lithium battery.

Convenient purification

Solid platinum permanent emitter and gold-plated stainless steel collectors produce ion density of 50 million per cubic cm, at an ion wind of 90 feet per minute. 


Use pureAir SOLO to enhance your other healthy habits. pureAir SOLO is not a medical device and is not a replacement for other practices recommended by the CDC.

Product Specifications

Features & Specifications


  • Dimensions: 2.95” H (75mm) x 1.94” W (49mm) x .67” D (17mm)
  • Weight: 2.22 oz (64g)
  • Accessories: Breakaway Neck Lanyard (may differ from image)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Ion Density: 50 Million Ions/cc


  • Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Power Usage: 0.2 W • Battery Life: 28 Hours Operating Time
  • Charge Time: 3-5 Hours (Micro USB)
  • PackagingDimensions: 1.6” H (40.6mm) x 3.1” W (78.7mm) x 4.1” D (104mm)
  • Weight: 4.6 oz (130.4g)


pureAir SOLO Spec Sheet

pureAir SOLO Owner’s Manual


  1. Kay

    I like wearing my SOLO when running errands for extra protection with my mask ???? never hurts to double up!

  2. Carol

    SOLO is so light, I forgot I was wearing it. So nice to have when I’m on the go!

  3. Mary

    Amazing! The pureAir Solo has helped my seasonal allergies so much! I also feel so much safer going into public having my own personal air purifier.

  4. Wes

    I love my pureAir SOLO! My parents recently got a cat but because of my SOLO I don’t even notice my allergies and can still visit them anytime! What a life saver!

  5. jlance

    I am a 46 year old nurse. I find my self in some unpleasant situations. I have been wearing the PureAir Solo device for about a week. It came fully charged. It is small and hangs around my neck comfortably. Just to give you an idea of just how well it works… our freezer went out in our garage. We did not catch it until the horrible smell hit us. This was the tests of all tests for this product. It took a minute to purify the air around me. It did not completely take the smell away but did make it bearable. You will think in some situations it is not working until you take it off and the difference is revealed. This is a great product especially in the Covid 19 days we are in. Also, I highly recommend this product!

  6. Danna

    I love my SOLO! I have always suffered with sinus problems and allergies. When I have the SOLO on , my nose is clear and being outside with pollen doesn’t make me sneeze. I also wear it when I am out in public to help support a clean/healthy breathing environment!

  7. Brian B in Athens, GA

    My PureAir Solo works! I was having some sneezing fits recently and instead of just putting it on and wearing it, I held it up to my nose. Within minutes my sneezing stopped and my nasal passages cleared.

  8. Randy

    Awesome! I wear it to work and I don’t even notice that it’s there it’s so light. Also helps with smells, I wear it while cleaning my cat’s litter box.

  9. Elizabeth

    Working in healthcare, I can’t think of a more relevant time to make this investment for your health. Easy to wear, convenient to charge. Wear a mask and add your solo!!

  10. Eileen

    I love this product. It is simple and easy to use and super convenient. I can tell it makes a big difference

  11. Brittany Shortt

    Wearing my solo gives me peace of mind. I feel safer with it on and not just because of Covid but also because of toxins and outdoor allergies. It is lightweight when I wear it around my neck or hook it on my belt loop. The battery lasts sooooo long. I have charged it once and worn it on outings for the last month. Thank you for making a purifier that I can take with me everywhere.

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