pureWash Pre | Laundry Stain Pre-Treatment

$12.99 MSRP
Tough Stain Removal Power for Pre-Treating Laundry
All-Natural Enzymes are Safer for Your Family & the Environment
Works on Non-Laundered Items like Upholstery, Rugs, and Carpets
Usable on All Colorfast Washables
Wash with Any Water Temperature


Laundry Stain Pre-Treatment

All-Natural Enzyme Cleaner

pureWash Pre is an all-natural enzyme stain remover that effectively removes tough stains without using harsh chemicals. This pre-treatment formula immediately eliminates stains before the washing machine cycle begins. pureWash Pre is a healthy, environmentally responsible solution that is safe and effective on all colorfast washables and works with any water temperature.

Breaks Down: • Coffee • Blood • Urine • Pet Stains • Iodine • Wine • Chocolate • Grease • Makeup

Pre-Treating Stains & Grime: Spray pureWash Pre on the affected area until saturated then launder as usual. For best results, let pureWash Pre work for at least 5 minutes before laundering. Also, using pureWsh Pre in conjunction with the pureWash Pro Laundry System is recommended for an even cleaner wash.

Stain Removal: pureWash Pre can also work on non-laundered items like upholstery, rugs, fabric pillows, and carpets. Simply blot the stain, spray pureWash Pre on the affected area until saturated, wait 8-10 minutes and blot again with a clean cloth or paper towel. The enzymes in pureWash Pre will continue to work on the stain and odors until the area dries. Works great when your pet has an accident.

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