Air Purification for Your Home and Office

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  • pureAir 3000

    pureAir 3000 Main Image

    Whole Home Purification.

    Cleans Air & Surfaces.

    Easy Setup, Easy Use.

  • GT3000


    Whole Home Purification.

    Powerful Technology.

    3000ft2 of Coverage.

  • pureAir 500

    pureAir 500

    Centerpiece Design

    Simple Operation

    Triple Technology

  • pureAir 50

    pureAir 50

    Compact Portability.

    Beautiful Presence.

    Powerful Purification.

  • PortOzone 2

    PortOzone 2

    Two Level Remediation
    Powerful Odor Elimination
    Rugged Simplicity

  • pureAir PERSONAL

    pureAir PERSONAL

    Protect Your Air, Everywhere
    Proven Purification.
    Comfortable Wear.

  • GT50


    50ft2 of Coverage.

    Ozone & Ionization.

    Easy to Control.

  • pureAir 1500

    pureAir 1500

    1500ft2 of Coverage.

    Four Powerful Technologies.

    Compact Design.

  • pureAir 250

    pureAir 250 Main Image (Front Left)

    Reduces Bacteria/Viruses.

    Removes Smoke & Odors.

    Small Size Convenience.

  • pureAir MOTION

    pureAir MOTION

    Bipolar Ionization.

    Fits in Car Cupholder.

    Kills Smoke & Odors.

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10 Item(s)

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