pureWash Pro X2

pureWash Pro X2 transforms the water going into your washing machine by infusing safe, natural oxidation which dissolves and removes residue and cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes your entire laundry. pureWash Pro X2 brings large scale hospital technology into your home in a compact and easily installed system.

Simply connect it to your washing machine once and pureWash automatically reacts to your wash cycle’s operation. Regular use will save energy and money while keeping your laundry healthy and fresh.


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Save Money Using Little to No Detergent and Less Energy

pureWash uses nature’s own oxidizers to clean your clothes with less detergent and needs only cold water, which reduces energy used heating water – saving you money with every wash!

Cleaner, Fresher, Fluffier, Odor Free Laundry

It may be hard to believe, so we had pureWash tested by third parties to prove it. Results show that using pureWash, plus 1/4 or less of the normal amount of detergent cleans better than detergent alone. Always pre-treat stains for full effectiveness.

Reduce Bacteria and Skin Irritants

pureWash’s cleaning agents are laboratory proven to reduce bacteria, which can cause odors, and black rings in your washing machine. The removal of detergents helps to reduce the risk of contact dermatitis caused by their chemicals for those with highly sensitive skin.

Environmentally Friendly

Normal use of detergents can pollute wastewater leaving your home. By using pureWash and less detergent you are removing pollutants and adding oxygen to the wastewater, which helps the environment.

Proven, Patented Technology

Independently tested and scientifically proven to work effectively, yet gently. pureWash Pro uses a patented, oxygen-infused water process that increases cleaning strength using 75% less detergent.

Needs Only Cold Water

Oxygenated water disinfects and cleans clothing using cold water only. Simply set your wash cycle to COLD and enjoy a simpler laundry routine.

Automatically Works with Any Washer

Front-load or top-load? No problem. pureWash Pro connects to any washer with standard USA water hoses. There are no buttons or dials to remember. Just start the washer on the cold cycle and pureWash Pro begins to work its magic. Yes, it’s really that easy.

Quick & Easy Install

Install pureWash Pro yourself in under 20 minutes. Simply connect to the local power outlet, the cold water source in your laundry room and the washing machine.

Mix Your Light & Dark Clothes

There’s no need for separate loads thanks to the patented, super- oxygenated water process. It’s equally effective with all colors mixed together.

Product Specifications

  • Electrical INPUT: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Electrical OUTPUT: DC 12V, 3A
  • Water Pressure Required: 40-75 psi
  • Water Operating Temperature: Use Cold Water Only
  • Dimensions: 12.19” H x 16.50” W x 3.75” D
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs


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  1. Penney B

    My husband works in a tire plant and the black rubber tire dust that completely coats his work clothing is a REAL challenge to get clean. I had a virtual laundromat in my basement, where I have 3 washers and 2 dryers. First I would soak his clothes in a 24 hour HOT soak with chemicals and detergents, removed the load and put them into a 2nd machine, where they would go through a wash and rinse with enzymes and oxy­clean, when that was finished I would put them into a 3rd machine (which was the clean machine) for a final rinse. When my friend suggested I take a load in to my local Maytag Store and have them run it through the Pure Wash wash and rinse cycles to see if it could get them clean, I just laughed and shook my head. I took the load in and the Maytag shop ran it through with COLD water, NO chemicals, NO enzymes, and NO detergents. I had told the sales woman that IF her Pure Wash machine cleaned these clothes, I WOULD buy it! Much to my amazement, the load came out as clean as or cleaner than all three days and cycles of my machines at home. Not only did I buy it, I also bought another Pure Wash for my normal clothes in the up- stairs machines . . . I thought it was too good to be true, so I washed about 10 loads of stuff the first day or two and everything turns out WONDERFUL. Sheets are fresh smelling like pure rain ­ hung out to dry. I found that just a tablespoon or two of a green detergent is all I need for even heavy soiled clothing and only have to spray pre­treat oil based stains. Thank you GreenTechEnv!

  2. Georgia

    I cannot believe how much better pureWash® is compared to other solutions on the market. I did not think that the technology could be improved, but pureWash took some of my colors and whites from a dingy color to a more vibrant color. I had sheets on my bed that had a fall color (tans, browns, yellows) and white and I thought they were looking good for the age of the sheets. But when I installed pureWash® and experienced how much more oxidation came out of the machine, I could not believe the results. The white part of the sheet came back to the original white color and even the colors came back to almost the original color. The company who manufactures pureWash® did an excellent job with their new technology. I also love the EnzyMagic91 for spot control on laundry and household cleaning. Makes my surfaces in the house shine.

  3. Jayme C

    We did several experiments with pureWash® last week and our conclusion is that it does an equal job to washing in hot water with detergent. We did three sets of identical stains of mustard, coffee, ketchup, grape juice, grass stains, olive oil, butter, and motor oil grease. I then washed one set in pureWash®, another set in hot water with detergent, and I pretreated the last set with a typical pretreatment product and then washed in pureWash®. The pureWash® set and the hot water with detergent set looked pretty identical with pureWash doing better on some and detergent doing better on some. The pretreated ones got rid of most all the stains but one or two. Much to our surprise pureWash® is equal to (if not better) than washing in detergent, and with all of the other added benefits of the money savings as well as being better for your clothes and the environment. This is truly an amazing product!

  4. Diane

    I have to wash the boy’s white baseball pants after every game. I must say that I was skeptical but much to my surprise the pants came out clean using pureWash® with only cold water and NO detergent. Amazing product!

  5. Andrea

    Just wanted you to know that I’ve been test driving pureWash® for just over a month now and am very pleased with the result. I won’t sell a product to my customers unless I have every confidence in the claims that product makes. I’m a true cheerleader for pureWash®. A great selling point for my customers is the fact that the owner of the company – myself – uses and endorses the product.

  6. Cindi P

    We’ve been using (pureWash) for approx. 1 1/2 months and I’ve noticed a few very interesting changes in my laundry as well as my personal health issues. First of all, I’ve been suffering for 4 1/2 years with hives. I noticed almost immediately that my flare-ups were reduced by approx. 75-80%. I have had some recently but I believe they are due to the dry heat when we have cold temperatures. When the laundry comes out of the washer, it has a wonderful, fresh smell. Stains and spots DO have to be pre-treated, but the regular dirt is not left in the clothing even with using no laundry soap. Then, I’ve never had static free laundry even when using a fair amount of fabric softener or dryer sheets. I am one who likes to reduce toxins and exposure to environmental toxins as much as I am able so imagine my delight when the dry clothes removed from the dryer were completely static free and less wrinkled. This is with using NO fabric softener or dryer sheets! I have even noticed that my static shocks that are quite typical in the winter months are now mainly non-existent. The clothes smell clean and are soft with using just the pureWash and I cannot thank you enough for developing it! I have also let family members and employees try it to test it with a group and everyone has been quite happy with the results. Thanks again and we hope to introduce many of our customers to this wonderful device!

  7. Teri H

    I really like not using detergent and not having it mess up our water resources. I also like the way our clothes smell and the fact that I am no longer using hot water. I don’t think there is anything that I don’t like about the pureWash. My 17-year-old son came to me this week and said, Mom, did you wash my white T-shirt in that new laundry thing? Yes I think it is whiter, and the red mark that was on it is gone! Now when you get your 17-year-old son telling you his shirt is whiter and cleaner, then you really have something!

  8. Marie P

    My husband and I were skeptical that the pureWash would work as well as the washing method we had been using. But it did clean my cloth diapers and I actually believe it does a better job than my detergent. Plus, I don’t have to wash out any detergent accumulation from the diapers. My diaper inserts, which were usually a little crisp, were softer using the pureWash technology. My husband liked the way it cleaned his clothes as well – even without using fabric softener!

  9. Deb K

    I’ve done in excess of 5000 loads (probably closer to 10k) of laundry over this past 18 months. Donated clothes, linens, and Volunteers’ laundry that has had every kind of contaminant, stain, mold, and sweat has come out without a complaint. We’ve saved 40 plus gaylords of clothing and linens that were on their way to the Rag Man. They had been left out in the rain, then stored in warm 120 degree plus trailers and were an incubator for mold and mildew. The smell vanished and they all came out spring fresh. I walked on 2 ft. mounds of laundry in my laundry room for 5 plus months attempting to save good clothes that had no place to go until our families had closets to put them in. I could never have afforded to do this if I’d had to buy detergent. They wouldn’t have made it without the ozone generated cleaning. Our clothing give-a-ways were more than 9 months after the tornado and then another one 11 months out.

  10. Rob D

    I own the pure wash system for my home. I can only say amazing when it comes to describing your product. The clothes are cleaner then they have ever been!! I truly think this product is spectacular and I am spreading the word!!! … My farmer uses it for his towels for his cows. I smelled them before and after, I than went and bought one. I can’t tell you how clean this stuff is!

  11. Ken H

    I want to start by mentioning I had an older style unit prior to getting my pureWash several months ago. We have stopped using detergents at home, other than spot treating, years ago. With our pureWash I wanted to experiment with our carpet cleaning machine, a Hoover Max Extract 77. Since the pureWash is so much more powerful than our old unit I thought about other uses for around the house. I tested using the pureWash treated water in the carpet cleaning machine in several rooms. I tried it with using the recommended amount of chemicals, none at all and then experimenting with low amounts of cleaner. I found that 1/4-1/5 of the normal amount worked best. This was enough to give the deodorizing smell, instead of the wet carpet smell when using no chemicals. The treated water from the pureWash probably does not come in contact with the carpet long enough to clean on its own? The machine itself stays clean, no musty smells when stored in the closet, and the carpets turned out great!

  12. Sharon T

    I do know I really like the (pureWash) unit I have at home. I have been doing test laundry for people so they can see what it can do. I did some pants for the parents of a catcher on a high school team, we used spray & wash to treat the clay stains, but no soap, and they came out cleaner than she said they ever had. She always used spray & wash, but added soap. I also did a set of sheets for a massage therapist who was going to throw some of them away because the stains wouldn’t come out. She said she normally had to soak in dawn dishwashing detergent for about an hour, before she washed them to get the massage oils out. I just threw them in on a normal cycle for heavy soiled clothes and I couldn’t find stains on anything. So it seems to have broken down the oil pretty good… Surprisingly, it impressed my 84 year old aunt who has been in the appliance business for about 60+ years!

  13. Jocelyn

    I hate all the chemicals and scents that are in regular detergent so for the past few years we’ve been using green detergents but sadly, they just didn’t seem to get the wash as clean as the industrial stuff AND at twice the price, I was struggling to convince hubby (who does the bulk of the laundry) to soldier on… it just didn’t make sense. I saw the pureWash system and I figured it would be worth a shot but I was half expecting to feel like a fool who got snookered once all was said and done. Well, I’m shocked at how well this thing seems to be working! The clothes seem to be just as clean as with the natural detergents and maybe even better. Setup was a breeze and we’ve been using cold water only (as cold as you can get in FL) with no detergent aside from a little bit of borax on super dirty kids clothes. All in all, I’m very pleased!

  14. Eric H

    We love this. Towels are fluffier. We use very little detergent. Clothes smell fresh. Also kills germs & sanitizes the air when we have sickness in our home.

  15. Chris C

    We are so happy with our pureWash! Our clothes hold color better and we don’t have to worry about allergy issues with laundry detergent.

  16. Mary Ann P

    It really cleans my clothes great with little detergent and keeps my clothes looking newer longer. I have saved a lot of money now that I don’t use as much detergent. I love this product!

  17. Byrdie S

    Love this unit, laundry gets really clean and smells fresh. My Clients notice the sheets are softer and smell really nice. It also is good for those with allergies to detergent.

  18. Prudence Kerr

    The units are great, everything works well – really does replace soap and does a great job on pet stains and odors. However, I’m on my third unit, they only last about two years before they just stop working, so I’m not sure how much of an overall cost savings there is.

  19. GreenTech Environmental

    Prudence –
    Thank you for reaching out. I am happy to hear that you love the results you get with pureWash Pro X2, but I am sorry you are having to replace the whole unit every couple of years. I hope that I can help diagnose what might be going on, but I need a bit more information. Could you please tell me how often you have needed to replace the Desiccant Dryer Cartridge? Also, are you on city or well water and is the source of water for your washing machine filtered in any way? We want you to be completely satisfied with your pureWash Pro X2 and hopefully the answers to these questions can get us one step closer. Thanks again for taking the time to let us know about your experience.

  20. GreenTech Environmental

    Thanks for letting us know, Byrdie!

  21. Tom D’Allesantro

    I have to admit that when we purchased our new washer last year I was more than a little skeptical when the salesperson suggested the pureWash Pro. You know the typical value-added salespitch. Well, I decided to take a flyer feeling that if I was disappointed it was only a modest gamble. I have to tell you it turned out to be one of the biggest surprise purchases in my life. All the touted advantages: use little or no detergent, wash in cold water only, no need to separate light and dark clothes, fresher smelling and cleaner clothes were all true and beyond my expectations. Take it from a thrifty New Englander, if you are looking for clean clothes and while achieving that goal also helping the environment and your wallet the pureWash is a win-win.

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