purePower CHARGE Surge Protector

Protect your valuable gadgets and electronics from electrical surges using this compact and attractive power and USB outlet. With 900 Joules of Surge Protection and the extra benefits of USB Charging Ports and Device Cradle, purePower CHARGE is an ideal surge protection solution for anywhere in your home of office. Simply plug in and enjoy the protection.


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900 Joule Surge Protection

2 USB Charging Ports

Convenient Device Cradle

Surge Protection LED Indicator

Provides Extra Power Outlet

Ideal for Most Electronics

Product Specifications


  • 3 Power Outlets
  • 2 USB Power Outlets
  • Device Cradle
  • Surge Protection LED Indicator


  • Unit Dimensions: 4.44″ H (113mm) x 4.44″ W (113mm) x 2.75 D (70mm)
  • Weight .39 lb (.18kg)


  • Electrical: 15A / 1875W / 110V
  • USB: 2.4A (Shared between 2 ports)


  • UPC 855819003724
  • Dimensions: 8.00″ (205mm) H x 6.30″ W (160mm) x 2.75″ D (70mm)
  • Weight: .46 lb (.20kg)


purePower CHARGE Spec Sheet



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