pureAir Harsh Environment PreFilters

Welcome to a fresher, healthier indoor environment! We want to help you get the most out of your GT3000 and pureAir 3000 Whole Home Air Purifiers. If the air pulled through your unit has a high level of contamination, it can damage the interior of the unit over time. To ensure the performance and longevity of your GT3000 and/or pureAir 3000, you should consider the state of the environment you’re going to use it in.

In a typical setting, the units will perform well when maintained according to the Owner’s Manual. However, if your environment has any severe air quality issues (i.e. Smoke, Pets, Airborne Grease, Dust, or Paint) you should use a Harsh Environment Pad to protect your unit and keep it running at peak performance for many years to come. Failure to protect your unit from damage due to a harsh environment will void the warranty.


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12 Harsh Environment Pre-Filters Per Pack (1 Year Supply)

Areas That Need Harsh Environment Filters:

  • Indoor Smoking Areas
  • Habitat With Multiple Pets
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Spaces with Dust, Paint, or Grease
  • Heavily Polluted Areas


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