pureAir 3000 Replacement PCO Cell

Keep your air purifier running at its peak performance level by replacing the PCO cell when the inner bulb has gone out. This 6” Photocatalytic Oxidation Cell will last up to 9,000 hours of continuous use.


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  • 6 inch Photocatalytic Oxidation Cell
  • Compatible with pureAir 3000 and GT3000
  • This PCO cell lasts up to 9,000 hours of continuous use.
  • When “REPLACE CELL” appears, the PCO cell has stopped functioning (burned out) and must be replaced. Note that the PCO cell relies upon ultraviolet (UV) energy to power the catalytic reaction. Over time, the UV energy output degrades. For this reason, the PCO cell should be replaced after one (1) year of continuous operation (9000 hours) regardless of the presence of the “REPLACE CELL” maintenance reminder.
  • This product is expected to be back in stock October 30th


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