pureAir 1500 Filter

Keep your pureAir 1500 running at its peak performance level by cleaning the filters regularly. When necessary, you can purchase a replacement filter here. The unit takes 2 filters. We sell the filters individually.


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When to Clean

The rear filter should be cleaned every 30 days.

How to Clean

Clean water or compressed air may be passed through the entire filter assemblies or the individual parts when disassembled. To disassemble the FILTER ASSEMBLIES grasp the sides of the rim and carefully separate the back piece from the housing. The three filters [mesh, foam, honeycomb] can then be removed and cleaned separately. If using water you must allow the filters to fully dry before reassembly. When reassembling, the HONEYCOMB FILTER goes in first, then the FOAM FILTER, and finally the thin MESH FILTER. Then simply reattach the rear piece to the housing.



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