MiniMate Clear

Minimate is the top of the line in personal air purification. Weighing in at a sleek 1.5 ounces, this unit will help to purify your breathing space with the most powerful output available. It also comes with a breakaway strap for user safety and with a Solid Platinum Emitter Electroplated Gold Grid. Minimate is the ultimate in advanced plasma discharge design.

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Minimate propels cleaner, fresher air into your breathing zone with its solid platinum permanent emitter. The emitter produces ions, which repel odors, bacteria, allergens, viruses and other harmful particulates from the air you intake.

Boasting the highest ion output and the smallest unit size, Minimate has been granted four US patents. Minimate has undergone validation testing at leading universities and research facilities. Dozens of peer-reviewed, published papers have confirmed Minimate as the leader in personal air purification technology.

Ultra-Light, miniature and wearable, Minimate is the epitome of convenience in personal air purification. Minimate, which is worn around the neck, is great for air travel and other crowded spaces like movie theaters, and waiting rooms.

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