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Clean your laundry just like hospitals do with our pureWash products for your home. Using only activated oxygen and cold water, the pureWash system reduces odors caused by bacteria, mold, and mildew. Our washing machine filter system softens and fluffs clothes without the need for fabric softeners, which have chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. The pureWash Pro X2 features independently tested and proven patented technology that transforms the water that goes into your machine before it touches your clothes. The enhanced cleaning process increases cleansing strength while making detergent optional. Even better, our washing machine water filter system uses only cold water to clean and deodorize your laundry, saving you money on every load. You’ll wash fewer loads too, as the pureWash Pro allows you to wash lights and darks all together – no more sorting. pureWash Pro is environmentally-friendly and is easy to install with any washer. For those extra harsh stains, add pureWash PRE, laundry stain pre-treatment, an all-natural enzyme stain remover, to break down stains before washing. pureWash products save time, money, and ease the frustration of having multiple loads of laundry every time you wash. The independently-tested and scientifically-proven oxidation process will clean, and destroy odors such as those caused by bacteria and other things that might lurk in the dirty laundry. GreenTech Environmental will help you feel good about your budget, your family’s safety, and the environment.

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