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Ideal for families with children or pets, our pureHeat series of heaters use safe heating technology to quickly warm any space. These electric space heaters incorporate a unique conducting element that makes each one work only as hard as it needs to so that it never overheats, making it ultra-safe. Our energy efficient heaters stand out among competitors for many reasons, including that they automatically change power levels in response to ambient or environmental demands. They will heat quickly then reduce power as needed, helping to maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature. With safe-to-touch grilles, our heater and air purifier combination units feature overheat protection and tip-over protection, making them perfect for any household. Short on space? Our unique pureHeat 3-in-1 is a heater, air purifier and humidifier combined into one, so there’s no need to have multiple units for your home. If you enjoy outdoor entertaining, then our pureHeat table is a must-have. This twist on a traditional patio bar-style table features a heater built into the table stand so you can gather friends around on cool evenings. If you prefer staying indoors, the pureHeat 2-in-1 is a space heater and air purifier in one. It will actively purify the air in your home by reducing odors such as those caused by mold, bacteria, pets, smoke, and more. pureHeat snug wall heater is a great option for a smaller space that plugs directly into an outlet; attach it to the bathroom wall and enjoy warm comfort when stepping out of the shower. Our safe space heaters feature quiet operation and low energy consumption to save you money. So turn your thermostat down and join the GreenTech Environmental family.

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