Energy Management

Protect, improve, and extend the life of your home appliances and electronics.

purePower provides six-way surge protection and premium electrical noise filtration to maintain better performance and increase the life of your electronics and appliances.

purePower PROTECT

  • Provides Whole Home Surge Protection
  • Reduces Wasted Energy, Saving Money
  • Comprehensive 10 Year Warranty
  • $100,000 Insurance Policy
Power Problems
Power Problem

You Have a Power Problem

Power surges are not the only threat to your home’s power and your valuable electronics and appliances. The power running through your home is also vulnerable to electrical noise and wasted energy. This daily power degradation means inefficient electrical consumption and severe wear and tear on your electronics and appliances.

purePower PROTECT is the superior choice in Energy Management because it combines six-way surge protection, premium harmonic filtration, and complete power factor optimization into one UL 1449 Certified unit. These combined technologies paired with affordable pricing make it ideal for residential home use.

Lightning over Cityscape Provides Whole Home Surge Protection Extends the Life of Appliances & Electronics Reduces Wasted Energy, Saving Money $100,000 Insurance Policy Comprehensive 10 Year Warranty Shop purePower

3 Threats to Your Appliances and Electronics

Power Surges

Power Surges & Spikes

Lightning is the most well-known cause of a power spike but did you know that your home is also susceptible to damage by disturbances from your utility providers (Power, Phone, & Cable) as well as from your own motorized appliances?

Electrical Noise

Your new HE appliances reduce energy usage by consuming power sporadically, but they also create electrical noise or bad power that can actually harm your electronics and appliances and could potentially affect your own health due to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Electrical Noise
Wasted Energy - Man & Dog Looking At Refrigerator

Wasted Energy

Many appliances in your home utilize a motor (refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, heating and air units, etc.) These appliances operate most efficiently when operating at full capacity but waste energy otherwise, causing an average of 23% of energy wasted in every home.

PROTECT Does More than Protect

Responsible energy management requires more than just surge protection. purePower PROTECT not only provides six-way surge protection, but it also offers premium electrical noise filtration which maintains better performance and increases the life of your electronics and appliances.

Additionally, purePower PROTECT captures energy wasted by inefficient appliances and uses it to lower your energy consumption and save you money. Finally, purePower PROTECT is the only energy management system on the market with a UL 1449 4th Edition Certification.

Professionally Installed

We want you and your home to have the safest and most reliable protection from all electrical issues that may be present or possibly occur. To do that, purePower PROTECT must be installed by a licensed electrician. This ensures that your unit is properly installed and provides its full protection and benefits.

Kitchen Appliances


Surge Protection

The first line of defense, and more well-known feature of purePower PROTECT is its UL 1449 Certified (4th Edition) surge protection with built-in MOV’s. While most power conditioners only have a couple MOV’s, purePower PROTECT is built with a total of 10, which provides protection in 6 different ways (L1-G, L2-G, L1-N, L2-N, N-G, L1-L2). With these extra MOV’s, purePower PROTECT is able to offer the safest guard against surges and spikes, both internal and external.

Harmonic Filtration

Electronics & appliances in the home, as well as CFL & LED lighting, utilize switching power supplies, which generate high frequency “noise”. When multiple electronics, appliances, and lighting are used, the significant levels of noise that are created can actually damage the very same electronics, appliances, and lighting that have created it. In order to protect these investments and extend their life, purePower PROTECT utilizes EMI and RFI Filtration, which reduces the noise and provides a cleaner power to all electrical devices in the home.

Power Factor Optimization

Every motor running in a home requires KVAR, otherwise known as reactive current, to run. This reactive current can lead to poor power factor and electrical system inefficiency. purePower PROTECT improves the efficiency of a home’s electrical system by first improving the quality of power coming in and putting it “in phase” with the draw of the power in the home. Power Factor Optimization leads to energy savings through reduced line losses, reduced switching losses, and reduced coupling losses.

10 Year Warranty

If the 3 main functions weren’t enough to put purePower PROTECT on top, our standard 10 Year Warranty will. You’re covered by a comprehensive product warranty, which provides repairs or replacement of the purePower PROTECT unit, even if it sacrifices itself in order to protect your home electronics and appliances.

$100,000 Insurance Policy

purePower PROTECT was designed to give you peace of mind; With our standard insurance policy you’ll have it. If your unit fails to stop a transient power surge from reaching your appliances and electronics through the main power grid, your repairs or replacements will be financially covered by up to $100,000.

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