Zone Heating

Safe, energy-efficient warmth where you want it right when you want it.

pureHeat uses safe heating technology to quickly heat the space your family uses while saving you money.


pureHeat 3-in-1

  • Safe Heating
  • Inexpensive Heating
  • Built-In Purifier & Humidifier

pureHeat 2-in-1

  • Safe Heating
  • Inexpensive Heating
  • Built-In Purifier


  • Weatherproof Design
  • Instant Warmth
  • Complete Safety

pureComfort YEAR-ROUND

  • Oscillation and Tilt
  • 12 Fan Speeds
  • 9 Hour Shut Off Timer

pureHeat SNUG

  • Hangs Right on Outlet
  • Optional Cord
  • Warmth for Any Room

pureHeat WAVE

  • Year-Round Use
  • 90° Horizontal Oscillation
  • PTC Heating Element
pureHeat Zone Heating

Woman with coffee and blanket Safe for Children and Pets Adjustable for Comfort & Quiet Saves Energy and Money Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use Versatile Features & Uses Shop pureHeat

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