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Water Ionizer Pre-FIlter | Compatiable with pureWater ALKALINE Ti & XT

$69.00 MSRP

  • Activated Carbon Filter has higher absorption efficiency than coconut shell granular carbon filters

  • NSF Certified, ANSI Standard 42

  • Industry-Leading Manufacturing Technique complies with the highest drinking water standard

  • Certified USA Manufacturer with over 15 years of experience

  • Long-Lasting - 1,500 - 3,000 Gallons of Water



Water Ionizer Filter PWAF-1 Activated Carbon Filter for GreenTech pureWater Alkaline Water Ionizer Models: XT and Ti.

The Activated Carbon Fiber Filter contains a larger surface area and therefore a higher absorption efficiency than coconut-shell granular carbon filters. PWAF-1 Replacement Filter takes out very fine impurities, and absorbs chemicals and pollutants such as chlorine while removing residual salt and odors.

Activated Carbon Fiber Filter Material is manufactured by Pentair, USA, a certified manufacturer with over 15 years of experience in water ionizer production. Pentair uses NSF-certified, industry-leading, USA manufacturing techniques that comply with the highest drinking water standards, such as Material Requirements NSF/ANSI Standard 42.

PWAF-1  Filter Lifetime: 6,000-12,000 Liters (approx. 1,500-3,000 gallons)