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Hard Water Genie | Computerized Water Conditioner

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The Salt-Free, Chemical-Free Solution to Hard Water Problems

  • Conditions Water Supply

  • Prevents & Removes Scale Buildup

  • Protects Appliances

  • Hard Water Genie uses Dual-Wave Technology to condition water by physically changing the minerals in water to prevent them from forming a scale. Unlike a traditional water softener that replaces calcium and magnesium (known as "hardness") with salt or potassium, the Hard Water Genie uses a powerful microprocessor to deliver 13,000 varying low-frequency pulses per second to neutralize the calcium carbonate particles ability to adhere and form scale. As the treated water flows through your plumbing system the water will reverse the scale forming process, disintegrating the build=up already present, and offer future scale prevention.




    If you have never used a water softener before, you are in for a real treat! Your water will feel silky and you will notice that your hair rinses "squeaky-clean" after a shampoo. Former salt softener users will also appreciate this good feeling, with none of the slimy "I never feel quite rinsed clean" issue anymore.

    The treated, neutralized, water immediately starts dissolving scale buildup in pipes. The scale lifts off one molecule at a time, just like it went on. Initially, you will notice an increase in spotting on your faucets, showers, and sinks. That is normal and will diminish within a few weeks (or up to 6 months for homes with heavy scale buildup). Please check and clean your water faucet filters and screens periodically during the first 6 to 8 weeks after installation. If you find a large amount of excess scale, rinse the screen and reinstall. When you no longer see the scale on your filters and screens, you will know there is no scale left inside your pipes.


    It is the only system on the market to incorporate both RF radio sine wave technology and DIC electromagnetic technology in the same unit. This by far makes the Genie Computerized Water Conditioner the most effective unit of its kind. You can pay a lot more but you can not get a better salt-free water conditioner. The prior existing scale is dissolved in the water. The scale is removed from your water heater and plumbing system thereby saving you energy and money. The United States Government reports that consumers save a minimum of 48% of their hot water heating energy dollars with the elimination of 3/8" or more of mineral scale build-up. A family of four can save up to $750.00 per year with the removal of this costly, pipe clogging mineral scale.

    The Genie Computerized Water Conditioner also creates de-gasification, which decreases the taste and smell of chlorine. Water becomes wetter and softer. Soap works better, clothes become cleaner. Bathing feels fresher and hair is softer and silkier. Easy to install, no moving parts, no chemicals, and no salt. The system pays for itself in no time at all. All Genie Computerized Water Conditioner systems come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and a lifetime of savings.

    There are two technologies employed in the Genie Computerized Water Conditioner output - Radio Frequency and Direct Inductive Coupling. The very powerful microprocessor delivers an unparalleled 13000 varying low-frequency pulses per second. It is this action that neutralizes the calcium carbonate particles ability to adhere and form scale. As the treated water flows through your plumbing system the water will reverse the scale forming process, disintegrating the build-up already present, and offer future scale prevention.

    Calcium carbonate naturally exists in two forms limestone and marble. Limestone has a number of impurities which are predominantly Silica, Alumina, and calcium sulfate which act as bonding agents. CaCO3 is only very slightly soluble in water, yet large amounts of calcium become dissolved in most water supplies. This is because as rainwater falls to earth it encounters carbon dioxide and reacts with it to form a mild acid (Carbonic Acid). Thus as rainwater comes into contact with limestone in the earth, the limestone dissolves and goes into solution with the water. Surface waters also encounter carbon dioxide from the decay of organic materials. As these waters contact limestone, the limestone gradually dissolves and goes into solution.

    Under close investigation of industrial systems where scale is formed, the scale is mainly Calcium Carbonate or Magnesium Carbonate but also Silica, Alumina or Calcium Sulphate are required as binders to make the scale form. The Genie Computerized Water Conditioner waveform changes the Ionic state of the molecules in the solution being treated. This physical ionic change repels Silica, Alumina, and Iron which normally act as binders and make scale form. Free electrons are generated which allow Ca (Calcium) and Mg (Magnesium) to dissociate from CO3 (Carbonate), SO4 (Sulphate) and HCO3 (Hydrocarbonates) and assume their neutral atomic states, thus stopping scale forming and removing scale deposits. On evaporation, only neutral minerals form and any Calcium Carbonate left will form as neutral Aragonite instead of Calcite.

    The capability of the water to dissolve minerals will also be increased and this is the reason why hard scale layers will be softened, will slowly enter into the water stream, and will disappear down the drain. This means that you may have slightly more problems with scaling after the installation until all old hard scale layers have disappeared, which will take 30 to 90 days depending on how much preexisting scale was formed. If you have clean piping and live in a new house you will only see the beneficial effects. The Genie Computerized Water Conditioner is a water conditioning technology that physically changes the minerals in water to prevent them from forming scale. A traditional water softener replaces calcium and magnesium (known as "hardness") with salt or potassium.



    Included in the package:

    • Hard Water Genie Computerized Treatment Module
    • 12-volt power adapter
    • 2 Hard Water Genie Cables
    • 5 Cable ties
    • 4 Velcro mounting patches

    The Hard Water Genie requires a 15-amp, 110/220v power outlet ideally within 5 feet of the installation. NOTE:: a 16-gauge, 15 amp extension cord may be used if necessary

    The best location for installation is immediately after the water meter, and before any plumbing line tees. This allows the entire plumbing system to be lime descaled.

    Ideally, a 5-inch straight run of pipe is required for each treatment coil. The direction of water flow does not matter.


    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to run?

    • The unit only uses 6 watts, which is about 3 cents a day, or about $8 – $10/year! 

    Will Genie Computerized Water Conditioner affect my water pressure?

    • Our customers often notice an improvement in water pressure due to the elimination of pre-existing lime scale from their plumbing system.

    We have high iron content in our water; will the Genie solve my iron problems?

    • The Genie Computerized Water Conditioner does not affect iron or rust directly, however, since your hard minerals (Ca and Mg) no longer form lime scale deposits after Genie Computerized Water Conditioner installation, the iron has nowhere to attach itself. Iron staining becomes inexistent or highly diminished (brown rings inside toilets often disappear).

    Can The Genie be used with existing filter systems and water softeners?

    • Yes. All inline systems will also benefit from the descaling process, prolonging their useful life. Reverse Osmosis membranes will remain scale free and last longer. For people who wish to continue using the traditional water softener, Genie Computerized Water Conditioner should be installed before the softener, this will result in a significant reduction of salt and water savings due to reduced need for regeneration cycles. 

    Will I notice more lather from soaps, shampoos, and detergents?

    • Water treated with Genie Computerized Water Conditioner behaves as soft water. Far less shampoo, soap or detergent will be needed.  On average consumers experience a 25% reduction in the use of all detergents, shampoo, and household cleaners etc.  

    How easy is it to install?

    • Do it yourself installation is quick and simple - and does not require a plumber or the cutting of pipes. (Video of installation can be found at
      • Locate the pipe where your water supply first enters your building.
      • Wrap each signal cable in the same direction 30x around your water supply pipe with a minimum of 2-1/2” between cables.
      • Connect the signal cables to the Genie unit and plug into 110 Volt outlet. Easy installation also means that if you move, Genie Computerized Water Conditioner is simple to disconnect and to take with you.

    Will it work with any pipe material?

    • The unit can be installed in any pipe material including copper, PVC, steel, galvanized, apex, etc. up to 2-1/2” diameter.

    Is the Hard Water Genie Eco-Friendly to our environment?

    • Yes, not adding salt and using less soap and detergent means no salt and much less chemical discharge. This equates to, cleaner rivers, streams and lakes.

    Are there any health benefits?

    • Yes, by the gallons! No more bags of salt in your water. Too much sodium can result in hypertension or high blood pressure. Also using less detergent means less skin irritation. Softer, silky skin and healthier hair are other health benefits!

    "The Hard Water Genie has allowed us to get away from buying the salt which we really appreciate. Don’t miss the slick feeling after a shower either."
    Michael S.Salem, OR

    "Since installing the Water Genie, the water quality has improved, the taste has improved greatly and I don’t even use a water filter anymore; I drink it right out of the tap. In the shower, the water is softer, it lathers up quite easily. The hot water seems to last a lot longer now that there’s no scale buildup in my pipes."
    Jason S. Endicott, NY

    "I love my new Water Genie! It has been installed for 3 months now and I can taste and see the difference it makes in our home. Our tap water tastes so much better and our shower and tub are so much easier to keep clean! I even noticed our dishwasher is cleaning the dishes better and there is less scale on the heating element. So glad we installed this first instead of a water softener."
    AliciaBinghamton, NY

    "Genie is working really well. It was easy to install. My wife had been complaining about her dishes being so cloudy, but after hooking up the de-scaler the dishes have cleared up and my wife is happy. When my wife is happy I am happy!"
    Larry T.Sainte Genevieve, MO

    "We purchased the Hard Water Genie in June of 2015. The quality of our drinking water has greatly improved in taste. Also, much easier cleaning do to less lime build up. Recommend highly."
    Karl and ChrisEndicott, NY

    "The Genie has done everything they said it would. The water feels softer, the soap lathers up better than it ever did.
    The water spots have all but disappeared. We are very happy with this unit.Where I’ve seen the greatest improvement is in my portable humidifier filters. They are “wicker” filters that have to be replaced every two or three months and using the Genie the life of the filters has almost doubled! I’d recommend the Genie to anyone!"
    RobertJohnson City, NY

    "The Genie water system is an investment. My wife and I live in a rural area on a well. Within days we noticed a big change in the water. The color, the taste, and the smell were very evident. We have in floor radiant heat, this change to the Genie water system is cleaning out the sludge the other system left behind. The savings and bottled water, salt and chlorine will pay for the system."
    SkipBluff Point, NY

    "I would definitely recommend the Water Genie. I also have baseboard heating and it has to be helping to clear the scale from the pipes. Great Product!"
    Jim R.Binghamton, NY

    "We loved our Genie so decided to try the PureWash as well. The Genie allows us to use less soap in the wash and at bath time. We haven’t had a drain problem 2 months after the installation. One of our smarter purchases!"
    PegJohnson City, NY