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pureAir SPORT

Hello Healthy. Goodbye Gross.

Ready to a new year’s resolution everyone will love? pureAir SPORT is the perfect solution to smelly workout bags, shoes, clothes, and sports equipment. Eliminate odors and bacteria in less than 4 hours!

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pureComfor YEAR-ROUND

pureComfort & Joy YEAR-ROUND

Mother Nature is Bipolar, so be prepared! This year’s hottest (and coolest) luxury gift is sure to last you all season, every season, year-round (no matter what Mother Nature may bring). 

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Laundry Detergents

Is Detergent Hurting Your Family’s Health?

Since the invention of detergent, the industry focus has been on what best removes stains and brightens colors, leading to the increase of synthetic cleaners, chemicals, brighteners, and fragrances that can be found in almost all laundry detergent today.

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When Laundry is More than Just Cleaning Stains

When Laundry Is More Than Just Cleaning Stains

My family of four just had an amazing pureWash experience and I wanted to share. We are currently shopping for a “new to us” used van. Last Saturday night, we headed down to the local dealership to test drive what turned out to be a MOLDY van that had just come in from another lot.

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Is there mold in my laundry?

Is There Mold In My Laundry?

Have you ever stepped out of the shower, grabbed a freshly clean towel, and put it up to your face to dry off only to be overwhelmed by a stale odor that just doesn’t smell fresh? Or how about when you open up your washing machine door a few days after you used it last and get hit in the face with a stench that can literally knock your socks off?

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