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Staying home? We're here for you.

Staying home? We’re here for you

In the face of mass cancellations of school and sporting events, and numerous companies shifting to remote working, many people are spending the majority of time at home. With active purification, you can protect your home environment and defend your family from contaminants in the air and on surfaces, such as viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, smoke and more.

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Spring Clean Your Air

Spring Cleaning Your Air

The days are finally starting to get a little warmer, and beginning this weekend, they will also start to feel a little longer thanks to Daylight Savings Time. For many, this means thinking about the annual tradition of Spring Cleaning – especially for viruses! Sometimes loved, sometimes hated, this annual activity takes place every March or April.

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Love Your Pet Day

Celebrate “National Love Your Pet Day” by making your home more pet-loving. Whether you suffer from pet allergies or just want safer products for your fur babies, we have air purification, heaters, fans, and pet-friendly washing solutions for all pets!

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pureair personal purify cold flu virus protect

The 5 Worst Places for Viral Infections

The current flu season is on track to be one of the worst in years, and health experts state that protecting yourself and your family when in public places is essential to staying healthy. Learn the 5 worst places for viral infections and how to protect yourself from airborne viruses.

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Bringing Clean Air to Australia

GreenTech Environmental is helping those in Australia who are suffering from poor air quality by providing the most advanced air purification on the market. We are also donating a portion of our sales this weekend to support Australian bushfire recovery programs in honor of Australia Day, January 26th.

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It’s Getting Hot in Here

Let GreenTech Environmental save your winter! We offer a full line of long-lasting heaters that will elevate the temperatures of your indoor (and outdoor) spaces while maintaining affordable energy costs. No matter the size of your space or the temperature outside, we have you covered with safe, affordable heating options that will last for years to come.

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pureAir SPORT

Hello Healthy. Goodbye Gross.

Ready to a new year’s resolution everyone will love? pureAir SPORT is the perfect solution to smelly workout bags, shoes, clothes, and sports equipment. Eliminate odors and bacteria in less than 4 hours!

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pureComfor YEAR-ROUND

pureComfort & Joy YEAR-ROUND

Mother Nature is Bipolar, so be prepared! This year’s hottest (and coolest) luxury gift is sure to last you all season, every season, year-round (no matter what Mother Nature may bring). 

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