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Our Mission

GreenTech Environmental innovates, develops, and manufactures high-quality electronic products that positively impact the lives and health of people throughout the world every day – all while protecting the environment. Everything we do makes a difference. GreenTech Environmental stands for the newest technologies created, distributed, and supported by an extraordinary group of people committed to providing you, our customers and consumers, lifelong service that amazes.

Allen Johnston – Founder/CEO

Innovator, Inventor, Engineer, and Entrepreneur, Allen Johnston founded GreenTech Environmental 10 years ago with a personal commitment to creating products that improve the health and quality lifestyle of people throughout the country. Initially, he focused on the air we breathe at home and what followed was a broad range of high-quality products each addressing human needs at home, work, and outdoors.

A native of Lafayette, Indiana, Allen, his wife Ellen, their 2 grown children and 9 grandchildren live in Johnson City, Tennessee and established GreenTech in the tri-cities community. Allen is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. He began a successful career in engineering at Hughes Aircraft and then moved to Raytheon Missile Systems, serving as Test Program Manager for the next-generation Standard Missile Program which has become the primary anti-ballistic missile defense system for the United States. He also served as the missile manufacturing facility’s Test Engineering Department Manager, directing a staff of over 225 engineers and technicians.

Prior to founding GreenTech, Allen served as Chief Technology Officer for activTek Environmental and EcoQuest International, direct-selling companies focused on environmental technology products. He was responsible for the key areas of Product Development, Technology Research, Manufacturing and Testing for both Environmental and Energy Savings Technologies.

Company History

In the basement of his home in historic Jonesborough, Tennessee, Allen Johnston created GreenTech Environmental in 2009. With his wife Ellen, son Alex, and longtime friend Gary Endres, he developed the product concepts, company values, and business mission that has become GreenTech Environmental today. With a passion to create products that exceed customer expectations, Allen and his team successfully sell a broad assortment of product solutions for today’s smart consumer as well as multiple commercial products throughout the United States and the world.

At its foundation from the first day was a vision to create products that enhance the health of people and communities throughout the country. Allen’s mother Betty, an elementary school teacher, developed incurable immune system issues, caused by undetected airborne mold, which eventually lead to her death. He had learned that the indoor environment faces a prevalent crisis. Mold, bacteria, and viruses are typically unchecked; the buildup of chemicals indoors has reached dangerous levels. In spite of the technological advancements in so many areas of life, indoor air quality has not improved and advances in air conditioning and heating have meant our homes and offices close out fresh air. The company’s first major product was an air purifier for the home, now sold as pureAir 3000 which remains in high demand today.

The GreenTech Environmental brand gained recognition as more air purification products for different sized spaces were introduced. The company grew quickly, adding manufacturing, engineering, and product development capabilities onsite. By 2014, the expanding company introduced the newest pureWash, a revolutionary laundry system that continues to reflect Allen’s dedication to healthy living. Having known that hospitals and hotels do laundry within industrial-sized equipment using no detergent and cold water, he invented a product that uses the same technology for the home. It eliminates the bacteria and mold in clothing and linens while being environmentally beneficial and saving consumers money as no detergent is required.

Following the success of the air purification products, Allen began introducing a host of new products that benefit the home and office. From whole-home power management systems to fans and heaters, GreenTech Environmental’s products are feature-rich and consume little energy. Thanks to a solid leadership team and the support of experienced sales and marketing professionals, the products can now be found in big-box and specialty retail as well as retailer e-commerce sites. In 2017, Allen made a commitment to the online consumer by opening up the product line and brand to e-commerce distribution and today has a significant Amazon presence as well as on other marketplace sites.

Having moved from Allen’s home basement to a small business development with backroom space, the company today occupies a large distribution center and manufacturing facility as well as additional offsite warehouses in the beautiful foothills of East Tennessee. The company remains committed to the US economy and the local community by employing US workers both regionally and throughout the country.

Through it all, the core values that Allen and Ellen established the first day remain at the heart of their success. Integrity, respect, family, faith, community, caring for the environment, and the commitment to healthy living drive the people of GreenTech Environmental.

Impacting Our World

Our Company and People are Committed to…

Supporting community organizations with our time and resources.
We consistently find ways to help our community using our expertise, locally and nationally. From ending a local animal shelter’s feline disease epidemic to donating remediation equipment to recovering communities after natural disasters, GreenTech is involved.

Decreasing environmental footprint through sustainable practices.
Everyone in our company is responsible for finding new efficiencies, reducing unnecessary waste, and adhering to established sustainability initiatives. Our facility is lighted using 100% LEDs, offset by our large solar array, and maximizes the recycling of manufacturing waste.

Working ethically and doing business with like-minded companies.
By working directly with our international vendors at their locations and partnering with third-party social inspectors, we know our products are made ethically. We follow through with that promise by focusing always on doing right by our partners, customers, and consumers.


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